Products Information:

Brand Name: US POLO Full Sleeve Shirt.
100% Export (Master Copy)
Quantity: 2000 pieces.
Minimum 60 Pieces.
Size: S+M+L+XL
Ratio:1+2+2+1=6 Pieces Blister Poly.
Color: 10
100% Cotton.

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Specification Details
Quantity 2000
Quantity Unit Piece
Minimum Order Quantity Not Specified
Rate 320.00BD
Rate Unit Piece
Payment Terms Other
Payment Terms Other Cash & Condition
Immediately Available Yes
Date of Availability 2016-08-07
Ready for Shipment Yes
Stock Location Country Bangladesh
Open for Inspection Yes

SPECIAL OFFER US Polo Full Sleeve Shirt (Master Copy)

  • Product Code: 00000301
  • Availability: 2000
  • Immediately Available: Yes
  • Date of Availability: 2016-08-07
  • Stock Location Country: Bangladesh

  • For more details please see the specification tab...
  • Rate: 320.00BD per Piece